Hello, I´m Renè aka Nubeat 7, I`m the founder of Z3 Audiolabs which is basically a one man show. In the  late 90`s I started making electronic music with a great music software called Scream Tracker, over the years my producing skills have improved and I also explored hardware based producing techniques, mostly because screwing around with knobs and sliders is real fun and much closer to the sound, but finally I always found my way back to computer music.

My passion to dig deeper and deeper, finding out how things are working, exploring new  ways to do some live action just with my PC and a midi controller, was leading me to the development of  my own tools. What started with the development of some small tools for myself, ended up with Z3 Audiolabs, which offers tools for musicians who are looking for easy to use tools which do big action, specially on stage, but sure, also in the studio.