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Happy xmas ;)

-30% X-Mas Special

Dizztroy 2 released!

Hi all, i’m very proud about the latest release.

Dizztroy 2 is the first big mature update for Dizztroy..

Here are some of the main changes and improvements:

- new multisegment envelope generator

- overworked envelope follower with with delay and peakfilter for better tracking of the envelope

- new and more flexible modulation routing

- drive algorithms and wave shaper got more parameters and filters now

- totally revised user interface and design

- deep performance optimizations

The update is free for existing customers of dizztroy, hope you all enjoy it! :)

dizztroy 2

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Happy 2015 ;) dizzrep2015

REZ3 updated to version 1.1

REZ3 is updated to version 1.1, changes are:

- on/off button for the multi LFO

- more synced speed modes for the multi LFO

- added a slide knob for midi in notes to slide between the different notes

- the modulation ranges for the main voice can be selected between 1 note or 1 octave now

- bigger GUI

REZ3 v.1.1

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Dizztroy updated to version 1.5



  • Added exponential distortion to overdrive selections.
  • Added feedback parameter for Drive.
  • Added feedback parameter for waveshape distortion.
  • Added bandpass filter.
  • Envelope following signals can be routed to filter cutoff, filter resonance and crusher.
  • Overworked presets + 48 new presets by Tomoroh Hidari (it comes with 80 presets now).


  • Completely overworked envelope followers:
    • Graphical representation of what’s happening.
    • Added a delay parameter.
    • Added an amount parameter.
    • Performance optimized code.
  • Several smaller performance optimizations.
  • Overworked GUI.
  • Presets are shown in groups now for better overview.

While the focus for Dizztroy originally was on drum distortion, the new feedback parameter and the modulations of the filter and the crusher opens the door to a wide range of new application possibilities like blowing up your lead-synths, guitars, voices but also for creative lo-fi effects, modulated filter effects and many more.

Repeat X version 1.1 avaliable

Repeat X version 1.1 is avaliable now! beside 2 little bugfixes the filter section got 2 comb filters more, in the ring mod you can select S&H waveform for random frequencies and the tapestop time can be synced to beat fractions now and there are 40 new presets inside – 32 are done by Tomoroh Hidari - big thanks for that! this is a free update, hope you enjoy it!

comlete changelog:


  • fixed keyboard solo FX bug (tapestop solo didn’t work right).
  • fixed velocity bug (velocity for repeat section wasn’t recognized).


  • separated keyboard parts for repeat and solo (the parts are independent from each other now and can be used simultaneously now).
  • solo FX is also possible while FX are bypassed now.


  • synced tapestop times are possible now.
  • the filter section got 2 new filter types: ‘comb notch’ and ‘comb peak’.
  • the ringmod got a S&H ‘waveform’ for random frequencies.


Note that the demoversion isn´t updated yet, i will do this during the next week!

Hope you enjoy it !


I am very pleased to announce the official start of the Z3 Audiolabs website, Z3 Audiolabs presents  3 brand new vst effect plugins, I hope you’ll enjoy the plugins and have a great time producing new amazing sound with it!