Repeat X version 1.1 avaliable

Repeat X version 1.1 is avaliable now! beside 2 little bugfixes the filter section got 2 comb filters more, in the ring mod you can select S&H waveform for random frequencies and the tapestop time can be synced to beat fractions now and there are 40 new presets inside – 32 are done by Tomoroh Hidari - big thanks for that! this is a free update, hope you enjoy it!

comlete changelog:


  • fixed keyboard solo FX bug (tapestop solo didn’t work right).
  • fixed velocity bug (velocity for repeat section wasn’t recognized).


  • separated keyboard parts for repeat and solo (the parts are independent from each other now and can be used simultaneously now).
  • solo FX is also possible while FX are bypassed now.


  • synced tapestop times are possible now.
  • the filter section got 2 new filter types: ‘comb notch’ and ‘comb peak’.
  • the ringmod got a S&H ‘waveform’ for random frequencies.


Note that the demoversion isn´t updated yet, i will do this during the next week!

Hope you enjoy it !

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