Repeat X

Repeat X  stutter / multi effect vst pluginRepeat-X is a multi-effect/stutter FX vst plugin, it is designed for manipulating audio in realtime and offers you 9 effect algorithms. Effect parameters can be modulated synchronized to the host program.

All parameters can be assigned to your controller using MIDI learn, and each effect can be positioned in the signal chain using a wiring system known as Signalflow.

The key parts of Repeat X are the stepsequencers for each FX. The sequencers are synchronised to the host and are very flexible in their synchronising possibilities, sequences can be saved to 8 snapshots for each preset or to disk. Beside the stepsequencers there are also FX gates to use for each FX.

Repeat-X is easy and intuitive to use and has been designed with live performance in mind, but can also be employed in your studio projects.



  • Easy connect with your MIDI controller: Every FX parameter offers you a MIDI learn function – just right click on the parameter you want to set on your MIDI controller and move the controller of your choice – done!
  • SignalflowDrag & drop FXRepeat X provides an ultraflexible wiring system – just drag the FX to the preferred position in the signal chain and choose between five different  wirings – you have 3600 possibilities!
  • Stepsequencers and gates:Stepsequencer For each FX you can enable very flexible stepsequencers and gates – each with separate speed control and always synchronized to your host program.
  • FX Sequencer: FX SequencerDraw your own FX sequences.



  • Filter: Provides  12 different high quality filter types
  • Ringmod: 4 different waveforms to modulate the signal
  • Crusher: Steplessly variable bitcrusher and samplerate reducer
  • Pan: Modulateable panner
  • Delay: Delaytime from 1 sample up to 999 milliseconds – modulate feedback or delaytime
  • Repeat: Grainbuffer live repeater – playable with keyboard – pitch it and speed it up or down – play reverse – set attack and decay
  • Tapestop: Oneshot tapestop with variable time and curve setting – you can set the tapestop pre or post FX
  • Saturation: Masterchannel saturation



  • Computer: Pentium III or higher/AMD  with SSE support – 1200 MHz – 512 MB RAM – Windows 2000 or XP or newer
  • Host: VST compatible 32 bit (64 bit with vst bridge or j bridge) host software –  tested and known to work in  FL Studio – Cubase – Live – Renoise .

Price: 39,90 EUR

Download free demo
Demoversion restrictions

– all MIDI functions (MIDI CC, Keyboard) are turned off

– presetmanager don`t allows you to save, load or rename any presets

preset gets initialized to default every 45 sec 

– tapestop is turned off




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